Social Networking platforms

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In the age of growing power of social media, forums are taking their place next to blogs and Facebook. Forums can be unique because they encourage members to explore their ideas online. And for the creators it is very important to remember that fact because they have to moderate all the  information to avoid any future problems. The same subject appears inside a company or business related social networking platform – employers need to remember about strong policy before creating a platform. The Policy should contain rules how to avoid lost of productivity between their employee because is very difficult to monitor and discipline. The policy should contain the regulations about rights to all the contacts which the company made using the social platform and also very important how not lose a good name because of someones bad comment or rating.

I belive that subject of Social Networking and new platforms has a big future and it will become even more important in the business world. And for that reason I think that companies or business association should predict that by creating new regulations and rules. It is important to join that market quite earlier and then learn and experience as much as possible to creat the best way of communication for each business. Trying new ways of communication can be also challenging but worth doing specially that most of the platforms are for free!


Before I sleep

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Great play!!! Fantastic and very inspiring.

Chekov has been always one of my best play writer and I was admiring adaptations of his work few times in Poland. But I have to admit that “Before I sleep” is the best one!!!

As soon I went to the building where the show took place I new that the time spend in here will be amazing!!! The lighting, scenery, actors – all was prepared with lots of attention on how to make the audience more intrigue and engaged. I think that the authors made a great job!

I just wish myself and all Brighton that the next May festival (and not only) will bring more of that kind of performances !!!!!


My flier

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Yes it is ready !!!

And now is time top bring the boards! Let’s start to build ONE LIFE!!

New fascination

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my new fascination is the work of Ewa Rosiek-Buszko, who is Polish artist. on this web site we can admire her work and exhibitions. She works with felt, paper, fabric,ceramic. I agree with Jerzy Madeyski who said that Ewa’s work is like “perverse simplicity”.

Final countdown

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Yes, finally. Today is Monday, less then two weeks before final exhibition.

I am getting very nervous and stressed. But I guess that is very normal..

I still have lots of new ideas and I want to change few things. First of all I already changed the content of the movie and I added some simple animation. Happily and unexpectedly I felt quite familiar with Flash (actually I should not be surprise) so making the animation was completely  big pleasure.

If I look at the first stage of my drawing and animating, I would say that is not very impressing but comparing my lack of knowledge from before Digital Media Arts course I am very impressed with myself :)))

Tomorrow I think we are going to get the key to the room so I would be able to start to build my sculpture… So I will get even more nervous …

And between the time I am still researching my other ideas-origami…

Project proposal

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While putting all ideas together I managed to create a little diagram. It is very useful to see all the bits together and I feel that everything might change anyway.

and more research videos…

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another way of complex projection